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Trash, Recycling & Bulky Waste Reminder Service

Never forget another Trash, Recycling and Bulky Waste pickups again. Plumsted.Net is now offering a new alert service, Map Alerts, to help remind you of your Trash, Recycling and Bulky Waste pickups. Map Alerts are customizable reminders that help you stay on schedule. You can subscribe to Daily, Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly Map Alerts and no matter what, a message will be sent to your inbox to remind you of your pickup dates.

In order to subscribe to the Plumsted Map Alerts, you need to create a user Plumsted Map Account. Your Map Alert subscriptions are maintained via your Plumsted Map Account User Profile. From there you will be able to maintain and customize your subscription to the Plumsted Map Alerts. To the left is a sample of the Map Alert, click on it to zoom in on it. Use the navigation menu to the right to learn more about the various Map Alerts and the how to's for Plumsted Map Accounts and Map Alerts.