How To: News Alerts

Plumsted News Alerts How To


Extra, extra, read all about it! TNews Alerts are emailed to your inbox. In order to use the Plumsted.Net News Alert email service, you will need to subsctibe to our email list. Just go to News Alert subscription page and complete the form.

View News Alert Subscription Form

News Alert Subscription Form


Email.  The email address you want us to send New Alerts to. This should be a valid email that you already own and that you can access reliably.

Name.  In order to subscrible you will need to provide your first and last name.

Email Format.  Specify the format of the email, where:

  • html - formated like a web page
  • text - no formatting, in plain text
  • mobile - formated for your mobile phone

Click the Subscribe button and you will see the following Almost Finished page

View Almost finished page...

Almost finished...

Check your inbox for the confirmation email

View Sample confirmation email...

Sample Confirmation Email...

You will not receive any News Alerts unless you agree to the subscripton. Click on the "Yes, subscribe me to this list" to agree and you will be redirected to the Subscription Confirmed page

View Suscription Confrimed Page

Subscription Confirmed Page

Check your inbox for the Subscription Confirmed email

View Sample Subscription Confirmed Email...

Sample Confirmed Email...

That's it you are now subscribed to the Plumsted.Net News List. Please retain all emails for your records.